Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday stuff

Inside of my eyeball
You, me and most people can see about 6 million colors because our cones in our eyes have a 3 cell structure.

There is a woman with tetrachromat which means she has a 4 cell structure and she can see 100 million colors!  Is that a good thing? I can't imagine what the difference would be. What color am I missing???

She's like a color super hero but I can't think how she could fight crime this way.

The weird thing is her daughter is colorblind!  But wait - it seems she is an artist that teaches painting and has color blind students and she says they actually have a very good appreciation of color. Just not what WE can see!!!

There are many people with tetrachromat but do not know it because they have never trained their brains to notice it. Fascinating.

OH - that image is of the inside back of my eyeball. The black dot is actually the very center where everything goes into my brain.  The focus point is the bright area with the nerves and so forth.  I guess off center is the norm.


Yesterday at The Workshop  I gave some "demonstrations" on digital photography to kindergartners.

They were fascinated with turning horses pink.  Oddly pink was the most required color for almost anything.

I tried to teach them layer masking but they were more interested in turning horses into different colors.    

Seems Aaron Rodgers is better then we thought.  In fact Rodgers is 2nd only to Peyton Manning in 4th quarter comebacks between 4-8 points.

But unlike Manning it's when the team is down by 9 or more where Rodgers fails.  15.6% of Mannings drives end in interceptions BUT - he wins 28.6% of those games. (14 out of 49 chances) Rodgers drives end in interceptions 8.1% of the time  but he has NEVER won a game ( zero for 21).


Played 2 rounds of disc golf yesterday - Beaver Dam and Columbus.  Note to self, when jumping across the creek in Columbus, that far side might be farther then anticipated. Had my best round ever in Beaver Dam, no wind!!   Then got back to Columbus and that course is very wind dependent. Not many trees to hit but it's all about air movement.  The long holes are also into the prevailing westerlies making them longer.

Here is my average scores for each hole so far.   I play the course 3 times to get in 18 holes and so far there is no statistical advantage in that 3rd time around.

4.0 3.6 3.7 3.2 3.9 2.3

Right now Beaver Dam is easier then Columbus and I have an 814 DGCR Player Rating (maybe like a 16 handicap in ball golf).  I was using a new driver disc, a Nuke and I think I was getting 10-15 more feet out of it.  I can fling about 235 feet now with a variety of accuracy. but mostly forward.  Not bad for an old dude.


Saw a wolf in a field just going over the HWY 73 overpass going to Madison, he was munching on something.   Saw 4 vultures munching on something in the woods by the truck driving school yesterday.  Probably a dead deer or something. They looked happy.


What is faster on average - multi line checkouts of single line.

Obviously the single line is fastest - HOWEVER - one thing to remember is with multi-line you have a chance to make a decision.  Do you know the cashier?  Do you know the people in front of you?

There are some people that I see are coupon freaks that EVERYBODY hates.  They are a hideous group that slow the entire world down and raise prices for the rest of us by giving all their deals away or just throwing them out.  They buy $500 of groceries for $100 and give most of it away BUT, slow the whole checkout to a crawl.

Sorry - I experienced this the other day.  

OK - wasted enough of your time.

See ya 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Don't get in front of MY dream!

Russell Wilson "There will always be things in the way your dream"

What?  There are things in the way my dream? The only thing in the way my dream is if I have to go potty!  "No this, no that, no the other".  Wait, what are we talking about??  I'm so confused.  Being confused is my comfort zone.


I have to do something really scary today. Two things actually.  One is take down my desktop computer and set it up at The Workshop (I have no laptop). And the other is give a demo to a bunch of kids.

In other news I had lunch at The Shamrock Bar yesterday which is a bar in Madison I normally do not go to.  I believe the patrons had their straigh-dar beepers going off. I could hear whispers "that guy is overly friendly and over compensating, I bet he gives a big tip".  I did
I ordered a burger and really?  What temperature do I want it cooked?  sigh.  151 please.

A good friend of mine who does frequent to bar said they have a wall with artwork and I should see if I can get my stuff displayed because people there actually buy artwork.  Its not like a gym that wanted me to put art on their walls saying maybe I could sell some.  Yea - I'm sure people pumping iron are looking to buy artwork on the walls.

But inebriated people? That is a different story.


Almost done with my Civil war book about the Overland Campaign and people who believe Gettysburg had the most casualties (51,000) are correct . . . .but there are other battles that are much more gruesome and horrifying.   Knowing what really happened at Spotsylviania and Cold Harbor and The Wilderness is crazy bad and when the Union blew up a hill and then sent thousands into the crater who were then trapped.  OMG

Oddly the British did the same exact thing in WWI with the exact results!

I'm at a point in the book now where confederates are crossing the lines in winter to get warmed by union fires and then going back across the lines by daylight.


Looks like some disc golf this afternoon as it warms up a little.


This ebola thing - blame the media for getting everybody all worked up.  They gotta sell their wares.

There is NO problem in America. Yea - there has been stupidity but it's a learning process. When was the last time America dealt with a real plague.  Think if this was 200 years ago when washing hands was a new thing. Ebola is an amazing killing machine but it sounds like Canada is close to a vaccine. It's working on animals with human testing soon. Contain and control.  So far it's working.

And remember only 4,000 people have died.  200,000,000 died of the Black Plague, 75,000,000 died of the flu in 1920.


WOW - lots of death stuff in this blog today.  hmmmmmmm

OK - here are 17 American foods that foreigners think are really gross.

Cheese Whiz - “It tastes like plastic and cancer.”
Velveeta Cheese
Hershey's Chocolate
Red Vines - I'm not even sure what those are. Supermarket Bread
Root Beer Floats
Twizzlers - They don't even taste like red liquorice. They taste like cardboard.
Pop-Tarts - They were revolting. People actually eat them for breakfast??
Snow Cones - Ice and syrup actually pass for food??
Beef Jerky - It tasted like plastic and had the texture of worn shoe sole. Impressive how they took a bit of cow and made it entirely inedible.
Corn Dogs 
Biscuits and Gravy 
American Bacon 
Meatloaf - Why would I want a loaf of meat?
Breakfast Cereal - No wonder why many kids struggle with obesity Read more:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Council votes to rename Columbus to Indigenous People's Land

In a stunning vote the City Council of Indigenous People's Land (formally known as Columbus) voted to rename their city.  Citing that Columbus never actually set foot in America (formally called
Spain or something) and much to this authors surprise never actually sailed up the Crawfish river in the Nina but in reality might have sailed to Neenah down the Fox river.  I stand corrected!!

In more newsworthy voting by this group of ne'er do wells voted to make Thanksgiving NOT on the 4th Thursday of the month but starting the Sunday before the 4th Thursday it will become a three day holiday of gluttonous partying. 

Halloween was talked about moving to Halloween which makes no sense to some residents because how will they know when Halloween is and does ANYBODY else in the country do this?  but this was deemed too important to talk about in one meeting.  Instead they voted to move Christmas to January 6th because this is where Eastern Christianity celebrated the birth of Jesus which happened to coincided with the Epiphany.

4th of July celebrations will now be the day after the 3rd of July unless it already falls after the 3rd then it will be the day before the 5th of July.  The City lawyer will be spending a good amount of time writing this ordinance.

There was a motion to move the January 1st celebrations (called the, New Year,  in some circles) to March 25 which is the date England celebrated, New Year, but we American changed it on them when we decided to drive on the correct side of the road just to piss off England (which is partially true).  March 25th is already celebrated with John and Yoko Ono holding their first Bed-In for Peace so . . . . need I say more!

There will be no parking in June through August on any Indigenous People's Land streets if snow is forecast with Council voting to not plow streets if it DOES snow thereby saving money.

"We try to be proactive" one Council member was believed heard muttering under his or her breath.

On a more serious note GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!!  This year you REALLY do not want to go to the hospital with flu like symptoms.

I went to my first dentists in 34 years that was not named Dr. Samuels.  Oddly my new dentist in a new location informed me that my x-rays were backwards (seriously) and they do things differently on the 21st century.  No more wooden teeth I was told.  YIPPEE!!!!

In a related story my Mayor who shall remain nameless told me in confidence "Rod, don't tell anybody that I said this but dentistry is the most crooked profession".  I told Kelly  this person I would not repeat this but then I was thinking . . . . this is coming from a lawyer . . . . . .

You know when you are leaning back in a chair and JUST before you tip backwards WHOA! you catch yourself.  You know that feeling?  That is how I felt when  lawyer said that - it was like a double negative.

Of course I am/was a Government employee/politician so . . . . I am very confused now as I thought "I" was the most crooked lazy profession .


This is a hole at Alpine Golf in Door County!  175 yards out, many feet down.

And as I was looking for some images for the kids at The Workshop to work with I came across a shot of Amtrak.  

 Now I must write something for my photo newsletter that has been on the back burner for a while.  Have a great day!!