Friday, September 12, 2014

Bubba? The sweet sting of the needle.

WELL - yesterday day was something different.  

I had forgotten the range of physical and emotional swings you go through when getting a tattoo.  I don't take tat's lightly and this was 5 years in the making.  I was the first person I knew to get an earring 50 years ago and one of the 1st people I knew to get a tattoo many years ago and I've never regretted any (more on regrets in a second).  Must be my artsy rebellious nature. 

Whether you approve or not if you are curious of the process here it is.  My artist looked like any normal guy off the street.  Not some dude wearing skulls with piercing all over but just another artist.  I gave him my idea and he stencils an outline.  After 3 tweaks he goes to work.  It would take about an hour. 

I lay back and he works on my arm.  The needle stings a little but it's more of an irritation  . . . . in the beginning.  But as he works he touches on little nerve endings that feel like electricity and  YIKES!! 

But here is the thing, after about 15 minutes your endorphin's start to kick in and while you feel PAIN, it's fine, who cares.  Sort of like taking Oxy for pain.  The pain does not really go away with Oxy, it's just that you don't care. 

Rich gets done and we talk and I'll need to come back for some outlining to complete the work.  It's actually beer runes that he put on.  Just to show people I'm an alcoholic. (NOT REALLY).  It's the symbols for Water, Barley, Hops,Yeast so when I brew I can look at my arm and get things right. 

Some will say WHY get a tattoo, I say why NOT get a tattoo. 

ANYWAY - I had forgotten the feeling you have when you are done.  WHOWA!  What a freaking high you are on. Your endorphin's are wild  and now I remember why once you get one tat you want more. Endorphin's are awesome. While my arm hurt it actually felt like a GOOD hurt, so weird. 

So I get to my car and get a call. My dry mounts are ready and I drive to Michaels. I get there and I'm talk talk talking to the behind the counter person and mention why I'm talking so much and his face lights up when I mention tattoo. We talk and he shows me his botched tattoo.  

He had his girlfriends name on his arm (bad idea). Then his NEW girlfriend did not appreciate it so he went to have it covered up (badly) and it looks like a fuzzy black cloud with red rain drops. 

He's going to get it removed (not that hard anymore, but expensive) and a new one put over it. But anyway. That was my day and now you think I am even MORE crazy!!   When the finished product is . . . finished maybe I'll post a photo.  OH - DJ has a tattoo also, we're like freaks!  :-) 

Ever since I saw Americas Test Kitchen talk about the BEST way to cook frozen meat is to cook it
WHILE frozen it's intrigued me. Then my buddy balderdash introduced me to frozen store bought burgers which were REALLY good.  The ones on the right were the ones I first tried. ($9.50 at Pic-N-Save/Roundys, $6.50 at Woodmans) and I was really surprised at how good they were. 

The problem I have is if you buy a pound of burger you always have some left over. So you freeze it and a month later toss it out.

WELL - yesterday I purchased some Bubba Burgers.  I have seen them EVERYWHERE and I finally broke down.  

WOW - they are GREAT!  Seriously. The official burger of MetLife Stadium. 100% additive free and super tasty.  DJ who is not a big burger eater inhaled hers. Three thumbs up! 


Gotta run to the DR today.  I'm talking my DR to get me off Niaspan which I take to increase my GOOD cholesterol.  I don't have BAD cholesterol but I don't have enough GOOD cholesterol and Niaspan has been deemed not great. 

While there I'll have the Columbus budget in my lap reading it like a book.  I've already created a spreadsheet to make things easier to read.   Here is a start - what I did was take total amount the budget for the last 5 years and compare each area to see what % they take from the budget. 

Next I'll start breaking down each category further.  All this is just to give me a clearer picture of what is going on so I can make informed decisions at budget time. This is a work in progress.

WELL - Seems I gotta go!  

BIG WALL OF RAIN coming!!    Yesterday was a record low high and today will break another record low high.  Snow in the Black Hills and the earliest snow since the late 1800's.   Anson Mount, the start of Hell on Wheels posted a photo of their set - ALL SNOW!!!    

see ya! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

35 Seconds

It took the Columbus Fire Department 35 Seconds to reach the fire at the Tremont Hotel in Columbus.  Well done team,  let's see if we can cut that to 33 seconds next time.  There is always room for improvement.

I believe we should schedule all random fires on Tuesdays when the CFD are having training.  This REALLY could have been a problem for that entire block and I don't think people comprehend how lucky Columbus was last night.  Instead of 35 seconds, what would 5 or 10 minutes have done for that entire block of historic buildings.  Seriously.

Sadly there were four cats lost in the blaze which started on the 2nd floor by that air conditioner.  I was just finishing up a budget workshop at City Hall when the sirens started tracking past our windows and we quickly lost focus and adjourned.

The Mayor ran out of city hall screaming MY TOWN IS BURNING MY TOWN IS BURNING I MUST ORGANIZE THE FIRE BRIGADE! (he really didn't do that but it sounds good).

Speaking of the Mayor.

It might sound like him and I have a difference of opinions from time to time. Well, we do and I believe it's a good thing. I've liked many things he has done but who wants to hear that crap.  Boring!
As a famous Chinese Fortune Cookie says.  "There should be no winner in a disagreement, only a solution".  Not actually a fortune like "Don't eat Chinese food today or you will get very sick" but more of a saying.

I think the worst thing you can have in government is a bunch of people that agree with each other. THAT is an idea killer.  Unless both sides of a disagreement don't want to work together to solve a problem. Then you no longer have a working Democracy.

ANYWAY -  back on topic.  On Facebook I made the point on NBC15's post about the FIRE IN COLUMBUS to give a little history lesson about the Tremont and Columbus and John Stofflet thanked me and might have used the word "22" in his newscast (I did not receive any credit for the use of "22").

The Tremont was built the same year as the City Hall 1892 and was a "Grand Hotel" with a classy restaurant with white linens on the 1st floor.  It's where travelers stopped on their journey to the new west.    

Lately it had become a low income housing with 22-ish apartments (the kind with one communal bathroom on each floor).  Hopefully only the inside is gutted and the outside can be saved as it really is a beautiful building. (I did not say that low income housing part) That was done by others.


OH - the NFL.

Lets see.  Someone drags a dead body out of an elevator with a gunshot wound and the NFL says "ooo that looks bad".  But then months later there is a film of someone SHOOTING someone in the elevator. The NFL says "WAIT A MINUTE, that looks BAD, that person with a gunshot was SHOT".

Well what the hell did you think happened.

If you drag a unconscious woman out of an elevator and drop her face down on the floor like a piece of meat you get suspended for 2 games.  Did they think he was just dragging her around all day? WHAT?  he HIT her in the elevator and knocked her out?  Well, that is a different story now!  WHO KNEW!!!    


OOPS = talking heads got the rain wrong. The BIG rain went north and south.


Took my tire to ACTION TIRE in Columbus after finding out the chunk of cement on Hwy151 blew a hole in my tire.  If that broken air pump would have been working air would have been coming out as fast as I was putting it in.

Action Tire?  Columbus?  What?  That is what I said.  It's like a caricature of a tire place across from Duffy Grain.  I will need to take a photo of the place.  Yes - it's a little more then Weber Tires in Bristal but it's local and you don't have a 4 hour wait (well, I have a 2 day wait but I can wait at home).

I like spending my money locally . . . unless like the computer place he keeps my tire and won't give it back and keeps charging me more and more until be moves to another town after stealing my identity.   But I digress.


Speaking of the Columbus budget.  Not a whole hell of a lot we can do with taxes.  Seriously. It's basically all about what the State wants to give us.  The City of Columbus has actually done well (only a 2.2% rise last year) but the Columbus School District (+6.5%)  and Columbia County (+6.2%) are the culprit.

OH - you ask why the 2.2% raise?  Because we lost $17 million in assessed value and because of that the state gives us less money and to make up for that short fall the City needs to find 17 million dollars.

Our assessed value went up this year a little but . . . . . there is this little James Street Reconstruction coming (maybe in the 4 million range) that needs to be looked into.   All us guys can do wit ha budget is get the best bang for buck out of what we have.  The actually levy rates are pretty much out of our hands.

OH - I'm just putting this out there.  Our Library is DREADFULLY small and is about to bust their seams.  There is no room for expansion.  There is some talk about some exciting developments in the future with a large structure that would combine several organizations.  Still just talk but what about turning the current Library into a Columbus Historical Museum.  There is no room for expansion at the current library which was a great size in 1912.

Oh the talk about that house being purchased was put on the back burner when the city was not allowed to have an assessment. The problem is if the city gets a price, that price becomes public,  The owners did not really like that idea.      

HEY - Maybe the Library could move into the Tremont!!!  It's not a catastrophe, it's an opportunity!

Interesting - 47% of people reading this blog use Chrome,  45% use Fire Fox and 5% use IE!

In the last month France is the biggest reader with 3750 page views!!  Bonjour France

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Columbus Cardinals Shutout Brewers

In an Exhibition game the Columbus Cardinals shut out the Milwaukee Brewers 8-0.  Manager Ron Roenicke commented "We thought this would be a good game to get some confidence back for our guys for the stretch run".

Luckily the Brewers play the Cincinnati Reds this weekend who have already packed it in for the season.  Negotiations are continuing for both teams to forfeit the games but giving the victory to the Brewers for a first round draft choice next year.

In other sports news the Dallas Cowboys home tickets have gone on sale in New Orleans for the Cowboys next HOME game. Owner Jerry Jones at a press conference told reporters that it is only a coincidence that jambalaya, gumbo and andouille will be offered to hungry fans.


At the Mayors request the Council is looking into basically stopping funding for events in Columbus and having a majority of all money go towards marketing and filling the 10 empty hotel rooms in our one hotel.  Perhaps $5000 would be offered to help events ($16,000 was issued this past year).  

If you have issues one way or the other contact your aldermen and or Mayor.  Personally I'm on the fence.  I can see both sides.  I'm not sure what exactly we should spending $15,000 on with vague  marketing. Will marketing have a larger benefit then helping events bring people to Columbus.  

I do believe we need to spend the Room Tax more on advertising these events as opposed to music and so forth but what does a marketing campaign actually bring to the table.  Visit our downtown?  Come to our Hospital?  Amtrak?  Check out our strip malls and McDonalds?  

I do think putting $$ towards making the pavilion ADA accessible would REALLY bring a greater number of large events to Columbus.    

I believe we need to tighten room tax so that all $$ go towards advertising these events. 


I want to thank Davis Clark and team CPW for fixing the Recycling Center.  The puddles were getting pretty deep and rumors of lost citizens and residents of Little Chicago floating in the muck were unfounded. (I was told that those apartments south on Cty K are all Chicago mob people trying to run Columbus and the Police Department spends most of their days out there - I'm not sure if this is factual but it was what I was told at Ale and Arts so . . . .). 

Speaking of the Columbus Police Department.  The reason the PD has been ticketing people on 151 is that they are taking part in a "state-wide traffic safety initiative" that happens every year.  

Personally I'm not sure this is really needed as vehicles come to a full-ish stop before entering the city limits and it just gives Columbus a bad reputation with speed traps. And really, who cares if cars speed on 151, shouldn't be a Columbus problem.  I would rather have police vehicles closer to the city then catching speeders out in the country.  Just my personal opinion.


Ever wonder WHEN you should go to a party?  Just how late you should arrive?  Get to a party on time and feel weird, or go late and arrive when everyone’s there?  Well, there is a study being conducted to find out the optimum time.

If you are having a party watch when people show up and mail the results to

Right now the average time people show up is 40 minutes AFTER the party starts but more data is needed. 


Rain rain rain. Here we go everybody!  We got a big one coming and be glad it's not winter. We are looking at 1 to 2 inches of rain tonight.  AND BRRRRR  High of 52 on Friday??