Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Huge Blood Moon

The one thing you never want to hear when at your yearly physical.  "It's been 10 years since your last colonoscopy"


One thing I have learned in the last 10 years - NEVER have a virtual colonoscopy. Those are worse then normal ones.  At least that was DJ's take on them. 

Everyone was out taking poor photos of the Blood Moon last night including me.  Oh! I was out there but you need a better camera and better lens then I do to have something wonderful. 

So I tried something different and thought I would get the Super Blood Moon with other stars.  Worked out awesomely!  

But the big news today is that NASA will announce that they have found flowing water on Mars. This is a PRETTY BIG DEAL!!   Still waiting for the official announcement but finding flowing water on mars is awesome.  MATT DAMON LIVES!! 


My fantasy team is getting crushed by the other team getting HUGE games out of players.  I'm scoring above the league average and getting crushed. A.J. Green 227 yards and 2 TDs?  COME ON MAN!

The last 2 weeks my opponents have the 2 highest totals of the year!

So James Jones needs 4 TDs tonight for me to win.


WEATHER - enjoy today as a cold front with about 1/4 inch of rain moves through and a very very dry air mass moves in.  Lots of sun but I doubt we will reach 60 next weekend and should have highs near 60 most of the week.  Wind chills Saturday will be low 50s (for golfers).


This is our Autumn Blaze Maple - it's been like this for over a month now!

This is the Maple from September 1st

And this is from September 28th

It changed a month early but then did not really lose any leaves.

And BTW - my grass seems to be growing an inch a day! WTF!!!


That's all I have at the moment, just checking in.  I need more coffee 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Godzilla vs. The Blob - no, it's about weather

I emailed the Vatican to see if The Pope could drop by Columbus.  I figured he would like to see a town that celebrates the guy that invented America.

They have not returned my email yet so there is still hope.

I've been obsessing why Scotty lost (like my obsession with 911).  I think I've read 12 articles now and the media seems to be in agreement.  He did not lose by one BAD thing but thousands of tiny things.  Basically trying to out Trump Trump, being wishy washy and changing his views multiple times (in one week) and totally mishandling his finances of which he had a HUGE war chest (over $20 million) that got spent away and now he owes over one hundred thousand dollars and has no money. 

I want to give a big thank you to the Columbus Police Department for their handling of the situation on Hibbard Street. We could have been in the national news but quick thinking of an officer in NOT shooting someone and instead using common sense and talking them down.  Bravo.

Man arrested after armed standoff


While we are in this calming weather pattern there are a lot of things actually happening, it's just that we are reaping the benefits.

Going from west to east it's all starting out with THE BLOB. A patch of warm ocean that has been standing in the Pacific for a few years now causing the drought in California and generally the west and yes, weather geeks have been calling it The Blob for a while now for lack of a better term. It actually has it's own Wiki page

But, it's in a battle now with some major changes in the jet stream, that river of ultra fast wind above our heads that pushes storms our way. It's dipping DEEP into The Blob and scientists are interested to see what will happen.

Because that dip is "there" it's not "here". Remember the polar vortex?  That was a dip over us in winter. Those dips tend to last a while and if that dip is "there" the jet stream will stay north in Canada for a while meaning warm weather for us.  

In fact you do know that we are only about 6 degrees from our all time highs for this date and will stay this way through Sunday. 

Then there is the Godzilla El Nino thrown into the mix and the pros are wondering if this is the first indication that it is having an effect. Warm weather should last into October.  Monday it will cool down to only 6 degrees above normal.   There just is not anything to push any weather around. 

And then there is a cut off LOW off the coast of of the Virginia's.  A cut off low is a spinning system that somehow left the track when the jet stream moved north and it's just spinning around creating miserable weather on the middle east coast, nothing to push it anywhere so like a top it just spins and rains. 

So - the big question is will Godzilla finally move The Blob. For now - enjoy the calm warm weather, it's going to last a while and I don't THINK we will get a pay back this winter.

Canada senior climatologist David Phillips.  If that blob continues, if it stays warm ... and then you add to that El Nino, it may compliment each other and then it may be the year winter is cancelled. 

Any brewers out there - My home brew club has recently had a few honors as one member came in 2nd place for his English Barleywine in the National Schooner Homebrew Challenge and another member is having his beer brewed by Mobcraft and you will be able to purchase it at Woodmans soon.

Also if you brew there is a new thing out by Northern Brewer. Canned Starter Wort.  Seems weird because you can make your own starter wort.  HOWEVER, this is actually cost effective, sterile and not messy!  As one member says " Instead of adding DME to an Erlenmeyer to make sterile starter wort, just pop open a can. Boiling DME is a well known cause of stove messes"


New TV - I've watched 4 new shows. One comedy which I did not think I would like but it was actually pretty funny!   Life in Pieces was one I was going to miss but watched it and it was actually pretty funny. One of the few funny comedies on TV (I loath Big Bang Theory, any show that begs you to laugh because of an over produced WAY to loud laugh track is just fooling you into think it is funny, plus according to IMDB it's been going downhill since its 3rd season).  Then watched Minority Report and turned it off after 15 minutes.  Didn't like the actors and poor acting anyway.

Blind Spot was GREAT. Loved the show and the actors, did not make you feel you were watching bad acting. It's sort of like The Black List but I really liked the charisma of the characters. 

Watched Limitless and it was OK, I'll wait to see what the REAL show is like as opposed to the meet and greet show.   

BTW - DVRs are so handy!  


Monday, September 21, 2015

Chapel of the Archangels in Beaver Dam

Last weekend's Wunderground Scientific Weather Forecast - NAILED IT!   Overall Columbus had almost exactly 3 inches of rain, less then most surrounding town's but enough, I guessto close the Kestrel Ridge golf course . . . or, no one was golfing Saturday.

Looking forward weather-wize. the only thing I see is Thursday and Friday might be cloudy.  THAT is the extent of exciting weather.  Otherwise I see 10 days of sunny upper 70's weather.  BORING!


So I went to the DR Friday and it seems I will live a long time . . . at least according to Western Medicine Doctors.  Low blood pressure, low pulse, low cholesterol. My only issues are low pain in my knee which I HOPE will go away with time. I know what it is having been through it a few times in my life (tear in my Medial meniscus . . . .maybe it will just go away over the winter. 


Then there is our Governor who it looks like his next debate will be at the children's table as he is now 10th out of 11 and carrying less then one half of one percent in the polls.  HOWEVER - if he gets to 1% he will tell you he has DOUBLED his polling numbers. 

His tough job now is that it seems he owes more then $100,000 to event organizers who are getting angry at his non-payment.  The owners of the Chicago Cubs are one of his top fundraisers and are still praising him and the owners of the Houston Texans who donated $500,000 to his campaign is not worried as he also gave $500,000 to Ted Cruz, Jeb, and Lindsey Graham to hedge his bet. 


My fantasy football team took a hit in a strange and bizarre day.  It started off with my opponent owning two Pittsburgh Steeler players, the ones that scored 6 touchdowns and I was in a HUGE hole.  But then he also owned three Philadelphia Eagles players, the ones who did absolutely nothing the entire game and I had hope as I went into the Packer game with two Seahawks and one Packer. 

I picked up James Jones Tuesday and I was feeling good but having mixed feelings because I knew Marshawn Lynch would have a big game and Jimmy Graham, who I THOUGHT, was a perfect fit for the Seahawks would be awesome.  Both did nothing and unless Andrew Luck can pull 6 touchdowns out of his butt tonight, I will lose.


Sofie (on the left), the cat that does not like human food seems to have a taste for VODKA!!

Yea - last night I walked into the kitchen and there she is licking the inside of a shot glass that was used earlier in the day for a dirty martini (I had had enough beer the day before with Elwood).

Speaking of Elwood.  Caydence and Sydney were over Saturday and they went to the GRAND OPENING of Cardinal Comics because the Frosty Princess was there face painting.  Frosty Princess I asked?  Yea - it seems if you say "Frozen Princess" three times and click your heels Disney will come knocking at your door within seconds asking for money.  Not unlike Universal Pictures did during Public Enemies with their warnings (which I ignored).

If you remember there were stern warnings of  taking photos of Columbus and putting them on the internet. Well, I had an entire blog of photos (Public Enemies Photos)  and told them through this blog, if you have a problem contact ME personally!  They only contacted me AFTER the movie came out and it was a compliment from the 2nd Asst Director who said they read the blog daily and were entertained.

They were feeding some false information every so often leaking info that filming was at one place when it was at another.

I got "scolded" on the set at a picture car meeting in Oshkosh for 7 was a
highlight!  Along with getting yelled at when I got this shot from a picture car during rehearsal.


"Well, seeing that everyone running was getting shot, yea I would".


Where was I - Oh yea (it's the coffee typing now).

Sydney and Caydence were going home and they were told to say good-bye to Baba and Bwian and they came into the room where we were playing poker and out of the blue gave Elwood (Bwian) big hugs.

WELL, Elwood who is intimidated by children, gave a big slightly awkward hug back and said that was the first time in over 50 years he had hugged a child. It was too funny!!



Chapel of the Archangels in Beaver Dam  

From the Balcony
The Archangel
Climbing around the attic

Nuff Said for today!